Corporation details - Rusted and Rejuvenated [RRUST]
Alliance: Last Republic CEO: Levi Jameson
Kills: 105 HQ:
Losses: 10 Members: 79
ISK destroyed: 9.57B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.18B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 98.18% Website: http://
What was rusted is now rejuvenated

Fun small gang PVP

-We typically fly cheaper stuff, and take fights we maybe shouldn't, but have a lot of fun doing it! We have a fun alliance to be in, PVP to take part in, people learn from, and cut out the drama shit. "Well as much as you can in eve"

-We are a bunch of part time try hards. We pay when we can, give it hell. If the real world doesn't allow you the time its take to stay relevant in a big null sec blocks, or scan everyday in a wormhole. But you love PVP, or just playing eve in general. Give RNR a go. The real world always comes first in RNR and alliance, this is a game after all.

-Why faction warfare? Why not, it offer more PVP opportunities, and less standing loss in low sec. We look at our selves as privateers flying under the caldari flag, and yes we hunt other pirates. The warzone will go back, and forth, but we still keep getting good PVP out of it.

What we can offer
- all the PVP things, solo, small gang, fleet fights, war dec, and some citadel bashing.
- stockpiles of fully fitted ships for fleets in our staging areas. To help cut down on what you need to have.
- big logistics team to help more your stuff to help feed our PVP habits.
- new player training
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