Corporation details - Nadire Security Consultants [NADSC]
Alliance: None CEO: Charles Cambridge Schmidt
Kills: 119 HQ:
Losses: 43 Members: 13
ISK destroyed: 37.24B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 8.59B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 81.26% Website:
In YC114, a prolonged Sansha incursion depopulated the planet of Esmes III. Survivors migrated to neighbouring planets, and a fear of recurrence overrode any desire to rebuild. The city of Semes from the highest skyscraper to the smallest cottage home stands empty.

In YC120, capsuleer Franco Phonaga discovered an observation post in orbit of
Aetree IV. The observation platform's data bursts were encrypted by code Doctor Scherezad determined to be of Nation origin.

In YC121, the
Nadire District Parliament exercised its franchise powers to secure a Shipping & Security provider aligned with the values of its member states and the greater Federation. NADSC exists to provide anti-pirate services to the Nadire District.

"Self-described patriots have called the Federation the 'promised land,' though I have always agreed with our critics: we are anything but. We who were born here, who have lived here, who have loved our many nations know this truth. The Federation is the lands of promises. We speak them, we build them, we break them - our due is not certainty nor comfort. Ours is our devotion to one another. Our promises are made to each other, and it is together we will keep them."
- President
Jen Yiona

IC Public Channel:
Symposium New Eden
OOC Public Channel: NADSC Outreach
For more information, visit
our GalNet portal.
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