Corporation details - Red Federation [R-FED]
Alliance: RvB - RED Federation CEO: nitro oxide
Kills: 494421 HQ:
Losses: 467330 Members: 254
ISK destroyed: 21,229.93B Shares: 100000
ISK lost: 8,961.29B Tax Rate: 5%
Efficiency: 70.32% Website:
Red vs Blue
Red Federation: Join the Forever War for Fun PvP!

Public Channel:
Discord: (Public Section, for comms)

Join Our Public Channel R-V-B to enquire about joining RvB, the longest running war in New Eden.

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See our Forum Information Section for FAQ and Rules Here:

We have no Permanent Blues, and do engage in piracy. We will form purple as Red and Blue, or with other friends or NPSI groups against 3rd parties or neutrals. Most temp-blue situations are ad-hoc, temporary decisions by the officers on site, contact them for immediate action, or contact a Diplo for long-term discussion or resolution.

Join our Public Channel or Contact:
Zen Tsai , Metal Jack, nitro oxide,

Public Events
Public Events will be announced via our forums event section: HERE, or the EvE forums and Reddit. We currently locate that information in game in our Public R-V-B Chat Channel.

Causus Belli Against Blue Republic
The exiles. Driven from their home world for refusing to accept the values and beliefs that were once forced upon them. The members of the newly formed Red Federation stand now against those that they once called brothers and sisters, prepared to defend their newfound freedom.

Never again will they live under the tyranical rule of the Blue Republic. Never again shall a Red bow his head to their ancient religions and hollow prop
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Joe Grayne 5. Joe Grayne 1520
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