Corporation details - Opulence Depths Industries [O-D-I]
Alliance: None CEO: Glideria
Kills: 16 HQ:
Losses: 1 Members: 25
ISK destroyed: 0.53B Shares: 1000
ISK lost: 0.71B Tax Rate: 0%
Efficiency: 42.74% Website:
From the ashes of the old a new C.C.I has risen and it is time to resume recruitment.
C.C.I currently houses about 30 active employees, all of which are based out of the essence region and are working towards a common goal. The goal itself is simple to explain; C.C.I is going to be one of the biggest Neural Booster producer and suppliers in the universe.
To achieve this goal C.C.I employees are required to offer their freelance services to various pirate organizations such as Serpentis and the Angel Cartel to boost relations between our organizations which we believe will benefit the production and distribution of boosters. Other employment opportunities involve the managing of orbital star bases for either moon mining operations, warfare or possible other purposes.

C.C.I is divided into two main divisions, the C.C.I Guardians and the C.C.I Pharmaceuticals divisions. While employees are assigned to a division which most suits their role within C.C.I we do expect everyone to maintain a certain amount of flexibility so they can aid the other division in their tasks if needed.

Application Procedure

C.C.I does not have a strict set of requirements that all employees have to match, we have a set of guidelines which allow possible applications whether or not they believe they are fit to join C.C.I in its journey.

One of the most important things to remember is that the Curse region is and will most likely always be a war zone, ship losses and combat cannot be avoided and as such C.C.I is not the type of corp. for pilots who do not enjoy the more thrilling side of the universe.
We accept pilots of any race and bloodline; we also have no objections to employing pirates nor against our members engaging in acts of piracy.

We also expect that our employees are willing to put corporate gain before personal gain if the situation demands it, which can vary from things like joining in corporate mining operations to build capital ships to hauling goods around for whatever reason.
The application procedure is relatively simple; all you have to do is make a post on this section of our mainframe detailing why you want to be a member of C.C.I , how you see C.C.I and its future and where you fit into that.

Code of Conduct

» We tend to stay away from politics. Any diplomacy, whether business or otherwise, should be kept quiet. Any trade or other dealings with so-called unlawfuls must remain hidden to so-called lawfuls and to others.

» Members are encouraged to participate in group projects and to propose their own projects, and all such proposals will be discussed by the members and the leader.

» Must be willing to use voice communication software such as Teamspeak

» We are NBSI, During all operations all non allied ships will be engaged as a hostile force

» Our relations with people we meet in space or through the neural-net must be always be cordial and polite to everyone.We endeavour to bring laughter to awkward situations. Humour is mandatory.

The structure of C.C.I is fairly simple, yet can be confusing to outsiders. All members are equal. Although Gliderian is leading C.C.I , important decisions are made together, with input welcome from all members.

If someone wishes to join our number, they are free to contact us in space. We’ll fly with them, talk with them about their hopes and dreams, their past, their life goals, the weather and other such things. If they seem like a nice enough sort, we’ll likely invite them to join us.

New members are commonly known as apprentices, and will spend some time learning the ropes and getting to know everyone. When the leader deems them ready, they shall be initiated as a full member during a special ceremony, followed by a party with a free buffet, drinks and cake.
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